– For added protection against the spread of diseases such as Coronavirus / COVID-19 –

  • Double-layered

  • Insert pocket as additional

  • Elasticated

  • Pouch for nose wire

  • “Green” fabrics

  • Re-useable

  • Washable

  • Comfortable

  • 100% locally produced

We been granted permission to operate as an essential service for the production of washable masks to help curb the spread of the virus.

We recognize the need for face masks in this crisis and with South Africa’s given shortage of masks, we are pleased to have developed a product that we can offer consumers, communities and corporates alike that will aid in flattening the curve.

Our masks 100% locally produced and are double-layered with an added insert pocket for an additional layer for added protection.  This insert pocket can be filled with a coffee filter, a tissue, a wet wipe, or the like – and should be disposed of after each us.

They are elasticated and are attached to behind the ears each side.  The elastic fitting allows for easy adjustment and to fit different size heads.  These masks are also able to fit kids as you just add an extra elastic (hairband) to join the two parts to tighten it.

There is also a pouch to insert a nose wire for added comfort and stability – you can also create a nose by using a modified paper clip.

Our fabric is comfortable and it is “green”.

We use a Polycotton material for our masks which is 65% polyester made from recycled plastic and 35% organic cotton, which makes for great comfort and is great for the environment.

Because of the fabric used, they are re-useable and washable.

We are currently offering five different colour variations and selected to cover and match every outfit.  These colours are charcoal grey, royal blue, snow white, soft pink and a military green.



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